Global One (G1)— It’s not every day a rain shower gets scientists excited, but rainfall on Saturn’s moon Titan is no ordinary occurrence.

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft caught an image in 2016 of what its team members are describing as a big puddle of methane rain.

The photo was recently published in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters. 

One researcher said, “It’s like looking at a sunlit wet sidewalk.”

Titan is reportedly the only place besides Earth known to have stables of liquid on its surface.

The moon has numerous lakes of liquid hydrocarbons.

But this recently researched image was different — it disappeared pretty quickly.

Therefore, scientists are theorizing that the large puddle  — which is over 43,000 square miles — was the result of methane rainfall.

Like any puddle here on Earth, it eventually evaporated.

Titan is one of the big hopes for extraterrestrial life.

NASA even reportedly ordered Cassini to do a death dive into Saturn to avoid potentially contaminating Titan.