Global One (G1)— The wallet of the world’s most famous soccer player is $21 million lighter.

Cristiano Ronaldo — who pleaded guilty to tax fraud in 2018 — came to Spain Jan. 22 and agreed to pay a 19 million Euro ($21.6 million) fine.

He was also sentenced to a two-year suspended prison sentence, but will not serve due to a Spanish law allowing suspended sentences for first-time offenders.

The Portuguese soccer star allegedly committed tax fraud between 2011 and 2014, when he was playing for Real Madrid.

The Juventus star even allegedly used shell companies to hide his income.

Ronaldo is reportedly one of the world’s richest athlete and makes over $108 million each year.

It seems Ronaldo can handle a loss like that better than most of us can — he was reportedly smiling on his way to court and stopped to sign several autographs.

Ronaldo is also being investigated by Las Vegas police about a 2009 rape allegation.