Global One (G1)—After nearly two months of searching, police in England have finally found two penguins recently snatched from a zoo.

The two Humboldt penguins were stolen in November from an undisclosed zoo in Nottinghamshire.

Police had reportedly received a tip leading them to the flightless birds.

One of the officers said, “My first thought was this is one for the books and one to tell the grandkids because there’s no way we thought we would go down there and actually find two penguins.”

But there they were — the two missing critters.

The officers had a good time with their case.

One said, “It was an unusual one. Even when we went down to custody it made everyone laugh, particularly the custody sergeant who was booking us in. It was a real off-the-wall find.”

A 23-year-old man was reportedly arrested in connection to the burglary and theft.

The two penguins meanwhile have been returned unharmed to their zoo.