GLOBAL ONE NEWS — A recent McDonald’s advertisement has angered Chinese citizens for allegedly supporting an independent Taiwan.

The 25-second-ad released on YouTube in early December shows a student and her exam ticket that indicates her nationality as Taiwanese.

The ticket falls on the road and is run over by a truck, but later it’s shown washed clean.

The ad then rewinds showing the student eating an Egg McMuffin or Man Fu Bao which in Mandarin means “full of good luck.”

The ad has sparked a backlash from many Chinese with some urging their countrymen to boycott the brand. The ad was eventually pulled.

McDonald’s Taiwan, however, clarified the ad only aimed at promoting Egg McMuffins and boosting students’ morale.

McDonald’s China, meanwhile, recently apologized saying it regrets the ad that caused “unnecessary misunderstanding.”

McDonald’s Taiwan and China are owned by two different entities.