Global One (G1)— Take a look at five people — chances are, one of them is in pain.

Roughly 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain.

That’s nearly 20% of the Earth’s population!

In recent years scientists have had revolutionary breakthroughs in technology in the treatment of chronic pain.

Brendon Lundberg is a global leader in pain relief technology.

Lundberg says, “We now understand that all pain happens in the brain, not the tissue, and in chronic pain, the brain becomes “wired’ to experience pain”

Scientists are learning to work with the brain in new ways to alleviate the experience of chronic pain.

Lundberg adds, “We are excited to be pioneering and developing breakthrough technologies that allow us to retrain the brain and in most cases achieve lasting relief, non-invasively, without the use of drugs, needles or surgery.”

This brings great hope to those afflicted with chronic pain.