GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — The next time you show a stylist how you want your hair done, make sure you explain yourself clear — or you end up like this guy.

Yep, this photo has gotten rounds of hilarious comments after a man was literally left with this “play” icon shaved on his head.

Images of the “new trending haircut” surfaced in December after a known blogger shared it in Chinese social media platform Weibo.

Reportedly, the customer went to a salon and showed a barber a video of a man whose haircut was what he exactly wanted.

So, the video was paused, and in the thought that the triangular “play” button was what the client wanted, the stylist mistakenly shaved it on his head.

But the customer appeared to have liked it anyway. He even took a video of himself showing his new haircut and got comments like it was “a handsome look.”