Global One (G1)— Have you ever had something stolen from you and then lost all hope you would ever get it back?

If so, one guitarist’s story may yet give you hope.

On Dec. 31, Myles Goodwyn — frontman for the Canadian band April Wine — found a Gibson Melody Maker guitar that was stolen from him in 1972.

Goodwyn says he thought the guitar had gone missing in a truck crash 46 years ago.

But Christmas Eve, someone reportedly sent him a Facebook message saying, “I know where your guitar is, your Melody Maker.”

The guitarist says he’s still trying to piece together exactly what happened — he knows it’s been several places and that one person had it as a conversation starter for 15 years.

Goodwyn says, “This was my life. This was my baby. My baby disappeared. She was 10 when she was taken from me and she was 56 years old when she was returned. She missed a lifetime with me.”