Global One News (G1) – An unusual sight in front of a man’s home in New Jersey has prompted a lawsuit!

These decorated toilet displays are what’s at the center of the debacle.

Michael Speece placed red, white and blue toilets in his yard, which also displays a mock bird skeleton,  “Trump 2020” flags and a Confederate flag.

Winslow Township cited him in 2017 for failure to remove trash and debris.

Speece says the town violated his rights of free speech.

His attorney says Speece was charged with health and safety violations for no reason.

The attorney said, “ They were new toilets. There was nothing unsanitary about them. They were new toilets with flowers in them.”

The lawsuit claims the display is part of the homeowner’s “artistic expression and freedom of speech and display of his patriotism.”

New York Post reports a judge ruled that the township’s actions violated Speece’s civil rights.

Reportedly, Speece isn’t looking for a financial settlement of any kind, just a civil victory.