Why this man was climbing a popular and notable monument in Pennsylvania is still unclear — but what we do know is it’s a decision that landed him in the hospital.

A 21-year-old man reportedly climbed the Washington Monument— it’s located across the street from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

It’s called Eakins Oval.

Surrounding the monument are animal statutes including a buffalo, alligator, bear, moose and of course, the elk.

This guy slipped and fell on the elk antlers.

It happened during the day — in the late afternoon shortly after the new year.

The fall cut him and he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for his wounds.

They weren’t life-threatening injuries and he was okay.

The Washington Monument — unveiled in 1897 — was relocated to the Ben Franklin Parkway in 1928.

No word on what he was doing up there or why — but he probably won’t do it again.