Global One (G1) – A woman punches a police horse and what happens next has caused an uproar on social media.

Let’s go straight to the video.

This happened in Adelaide, Australia recently — and here you can see the woman wearing a green jacket raise her hand and lay a smack.

Reportedly, it was intended for a nearby police officer, but the punch hit the animal instead.

The police officer on the horse then grabs the woman by her hair and throws her onto the ground.

On social media, people are chiming in with one saying, “If the policewoman on the horse didn’t pull her hair and drag her away she would have agitated the horse and it would have kicked her in the chest and flung her 10 meters away.”

Another added, “Ok, I have no problems with police dealing with bad behavior but this seems rather excessive… way too much…”

The woman doing the smacking was detained, but she reportedly wasn’t charged with anything.