Global One (G1)— The story of “Ellie,” the supposedly talented teenage girl about to join an “Overwatch” Contenders team, has taken the gaming world by storm over the last few days.

The girl was reportedly joining the team Second Wind, but rumors began to swirl after the girl’s full name and identity were not revealed.

After about two weeks of speculation about whether or not the girl was a real player, she announced she was leaving the team with a simple “sorry” tweet.

The hype, however, did not die down, and Aspen — an “Overwatch” streamer for Cloud 9 — finally spilled the true details of the conspiracy.

In a recent stream, Aspen admitted “Ellie” was really her friend and “Overwatch” top-500 player Punisher.

She claims the entire thing was meant to be a social experiment, and Blizzard has since confirmed that the account was fake.

Second Wind commented on the scandal saying, “As a team, we admit we handled this poorly.”

Punisher has reportedly not responded to the allegations.