Global One (G1) – Posing as a real estate agent to steal from A-list Hollywood celebrities — that’s what police say this man did and his alleged scheme worked until now!

Thirty-two-year-old Benjamin Ackerman allegedly posed as a real estate agent showing up at high-end luxury open houses wearing designer clothes and driving expensive cars.

While inside, he stole items reportedly valued in the millions!

Singers Usher and Adam Lambert are reportedly two of the A-list victims.

So far 13 victims have been identified.

Ackerman’s alleged scheme started in 2017 and police say he would sign in during open houses under an alias — case out the property and then return later to steal items.

Ackerman reportedly would disable security cameras and change print numbers on stolen artwork.

But he didn’t get away with it much longer.

A victim tipped off police about Ackerman and when they reportedly searched his home and storage unit they found more than 2,000 items ranging from designer handbags, fine wine to jewelry.