GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — After years of dreaming about space-age weaponry seen in “Star Wars”, the U.S. military might just be close to making it a reality.

They’re known as directed-energy weapons and they take out targets with highly focused energy, like lasers, microwaves and particle beams.

In a report, the U.S. reportedly plans to use the technology to destroy missiles and would reportedly place them in space.

A former military official said, “Let’s say that you need enough lethality to shoot down a boosting missile in the atmosphere. If you elevate.. a laser out of the atmosphere, you can achieve the exact same lethality with about half the power.”

Countries like Russia and China reportedly are also in the race for lasers.

The official said, “We have real threats, existential threats that could be on par with us. And we haven’t had that since the height of the Cold War.”

[Hans Solo]: “May the force be with you.”