GLOBAL ONE NEWS — Around 6,500 tons of garbage dumped in Mindanao will be sent back to South Korea next week, Philippine officials said Jan. 2.

The over 50 containers of waste will be shipped to Pyeongtaek City Jan. 9.

According to the environment department, the consignee Verde Soko Philippines Industrial Corporation did not have an import permit for the shipment believed to have arrived in a Mindanao port in June last year. 

The consignee also allegedly declared the shipment as “plastic synthetic flakes,” but inspectors later found it contained hazardous waste such as dextrose tubes, intravenous lights and soiled diapers. 

The decision to return the waste came just days after a bilateral meeting between South Korea and the Philippines late December. 

The upcoming shipment is expected to cost over $47,000 or over ₱2.4 million at Seoul’s cost.