Global One News (G1) – Who says Uber and Lyft don’t exist in the wild?

Here’s proof it does.

This is a python carrying about 10 cane toads on its back.

The sight was spotted after a heavy rainstorm recently in Western Australia by resident Paul Monk.

He told the BBC he spotted these toads trying to escape the flooded area, so they got a lift with this python.

Evidently, the 11-foot-4-inch python snake is a well-known neighbor and is often seen around the house, but on this night he served as a train getting the toads to high ground!

Paul said the snake “was literally moving across the grass at full speed with the frogs hanging on. I thought it was fascinating that some of the local reptiles have gotten used to (the cane toads) and not eating them.”

The cane toad is actually an invasive species — they’re everywhere in Australia.

The government even encourages trapping and removing them to prevent their spread.