GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) —Alejandro Aparicio took the oath of office as Mexico’s newest mayor.

However, he would never arrive at his first official meeting at city hall in Tlaxiaco on Jan. 1 — gunned down on the way.

An unknown number of gunmen reportedly opened fire  — killing him and wounding four others.

Gov. Alejandro Murat who governs the southern state of Oaxaca promised a thorough investigation — saying a suspect had already been arrested.

The life of a politician in Mexico seems to be a risky occupation.

The Economist magazine reported Mexican mayors are often targeted if they promise a crackdown on corruption and on local crime.

There have been as many as 152 politicians reportedly killed in the run-up to last year’s elections — described as one of the most violent elections in Mexico’s recent history.

On Sunday, a politician in the same party as the slain mayor was killed in the state of Morelos.