GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) —It’s one of the most debilitating diseases known to man.

Now British researchers say an injection capable of stopping the progress of Alzheimer’s could be available to patients within 10 years.

There reportedly have been a series of breakthroughs disrupting the harmful genes that strip away memory and lead to other cognitive breakdowns.

The Alzheimer’s Society says there’s been a “turning point” for scientists in their fight against the disease.

For years, researchers were unsuccessful in attacking these harmful proteins that accumulate in the brain — until now.

The Daily Telegraph reported the head of the Alzheimer’s Society Dr. James Pickett said an injection to the spine has become a “tipping point for dementia gene therapy.”

Basically, the treatment would use “molecular scissors” that reportedly wouldn’t alter a person’s fundamental genetic make-up.

However, it would change the way specific genes known to cause dementia would communicate in the brain.

Pickett said, “There are lots of different pieces of the puzzle coming together.”