Global One (G1)— A 22-year-old intern has been killed by a lion at a conservation center in North Carolina, after it escaped from a locked enclosure.

Alexandra Black reportedly began her internship at the Conservators Center just 10 days prior to the attack.

The tragedy occurred while the woman was cleaning the lion’s cage.

Her family said she “died following her passion.”

According to the local sheriff’s office, a “husbandry team, led by a professionally trained animal keeper, was carrying out a routine enclosure cleaning” when one of the lions broke out and quickly killed Black.

Investigators are not sure how the lion escaped.

Reportedly, deputies had to shoot and kill the lion to retrieve Black’s body.

The Conservators Center’s executive director said, “This is the worst day of my life. We’ve lost a person. We’ve lost an animal. We have lost the faith in ourselves a little today.”

The center said it will close until further notice.