GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — Authorities in Vietnam have arrested six men for killing and eating an endangered monkey while live-streaming the gruesome activity on Facebook.

Police said the suspects — reportedly aged between 35 and 59 — confessed to the crime on Dec. 27 after the video surfaced on the social media platform in November.

They have been accused of violating wildlife protection laws meant to preserve “endangered and precious animals.”

Reports said one of the suspects bought the leaf-eating langur monkey from a hunter for 1.1 million Dong ($48).

Vietnam is home to many endangered animals, including the Siamese crocodile and the Red River giant soft-shell turtle.

However, critics say local and international conservation laws have not been enforced well throughout the country.

This is reportedly one of the reasons why the body parts of endangered animals are widely traded for human consumption as well as for medicinal use.