Global One (G1)— How far would go to meet your idol?

For seven-year-old Waris Dhillon of Punjab, the answer is 124 miles.

That’s how long the drive to Chandigarh is for Waris and family, and since Chandigarh is the home of cricket idol Navjot Singh Sidhu, Waris and his dad went on a road trip.

Sidhu was a legendary cricketer for 19 years before becoming first a sports commentator and then a politician.

Waris said, “I have been asking my father to take me to meet him for months now.”

After a very long drive, the two were outside the home of the cricketer-turned-politician.

Of course, Waris didn’t simply drive that far just to see Sidhu’s home.

After waiting several hours for the media to leave,  Waris — dressed in a gold jacket and red bow tie — finally got to meet his idol.

The politician hugged him and autographed two cricket bats.

Quite the day for Waris.