Global One (G1)— Last weekend, South Africa held the first cannabis exposition ever seen on the continent.

If you attended, you would have found any number of items needed for growing the plant — a growing tent, an irrigation system, lighting and more.

One very important thing, however, was missing — a cannabis plant.

See, South Africa’s decriminalized cannabis use and allowed it to be grown in private back in September — it’s not, however, legal to trade or distribute it.

One grower said, “It’s something very, very wrong … It’s like we came to a party but there’s no music.”

The expo got creative — one company reportedly even used poinsettia plants in their display.

Still, hundreds attended the expo.

The event’s co-founder said, “I don’t think most people realize just how big the cannabis industry is in Africa already, in South Africa already.”

The industry is attracting big business too — Corona has reportedly pledged $4 billion for growers.