GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — The India Post will now be doing more than just delivering the mail — the state-run postal system has announced full-fledged entry into the e-commerce business.

The Communications Minister confirmed the Department of Posts’ (DoP) newest business project on Wednesday, Dec. 12.

He said, “India Post will leverage its vast network for e-commerce services for doorstep delivery of products.”

The India Post had its soft launch in November and is now officially open for business.

Basically, the parcel business will be similar with those online shopping firms that facilitate the pick-up, delivery and return of products.

The postal system will utilize a “separate parcel directorate” to determine which rates and related services will best match competitions.

The minister, meanwhile, assured the “credibility” of DoP which boasts an “immense” service that has been built over the years.

India Post reportedly has 155,000 post offices and reaches even the remotest villages in the country.