Global One (G1)— Thousands of patients flocked to the USNS Comfort at the Colombian port of Turbo during a five-day stop.

The hospital ship — once an oil tanker called Rose City — has been on a four-country tour of Latin America treating sick patients who have limited access to healthcare.

According to the Miami Herald, the ship has 12 operating rooms, 1,000 beds, a CAT scan machine and the ability to perform complex surgeries in seas of up to 20 feet.

Kevin Buckley, the commanding officer of the Navy ship, said, “We’re a big white ship that brings hope and comfort.”

The ship has reportedly serviced over 5,400 patients at the port of Turbo alone.

A large percentage of those treated were Venezuelans who fled to Colombia for treatment as Venezuela’s healthcare system collapsed.

Three million people have reportedly left Venezuela in the past few years with about 1 million of them settling in Colombia.