Global One (G1)— The list is out for the highest-paid YouTube stars of 2018, and the channel ranked number one may come as a shock to some.

Seven-year-old Ryan and his channel — Ryan ToysReview — has been listed as the highest paid YouTube channel.

His earnings? $22 million in 2018 alone, doubling the amount he made last year.

The mini-millionaire makes a living by playing with his new toys on camera and giving his opinion of them to viewers.

The videos range from five to 30 minutes and often include his mom and dad.

His channel has grown to over 17 million subscribers since it was created in 2015.

When asked about his success as a YouTube star, Ryan replied, “I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

Coming in second for highest-paid YouTuber is Jake Paul, brother of disgraced YouTuber, Logan Paul.

Also making the list is gamer and comedian PewDiePie, who has recently been under intense scrutiny for his anti-Semitic comments.