GLOBAL ONE NEWS — Scientists in the U.K. have found apes also know how to cheat. 

Gorillas in the Bristol Zoo reportedly possess the “human-like behavior,” which scientists observed during a months-long game. 

The “Gorilla Game Lab” was developed early this year to help gorillas develop cognitive and puzzle-solving abilities. 

Scientists put up in the enclosure a wall-mounted device that spits out peanut after a gorilla finishes a series of obstacles, such as poking holes with a stick to move the nut along. 

The game is reportedly a hit among the gorillas, but they have eventually developed clever tactics in getting the nut fast. Instead of finishing the game, they just suck out the peanuts from the device. 

A scientist told Reuters, “It just shows… they’re capable of creating new solving strategies to access the food.”

Researchers are reportedly developing the device to make it more advanced.