GLOBAL ONE NEWS — A Spanish city plagued by pigeons has reportedly decided to relocate thousands of them, according to the BBC. 

The city of Cádiz is transporting 5,000 pigeons to a region 170 miles (275 km) away. 

The city has been troubled with the birds’ overpopulation — including the waste that comes with it — and authorities said they found a “more respectful and sustainable solution” to address it. 

The birds will reportedly be “trapped, cataloged and tested” before they are relocated. 

Experts will also do a frequent health check on the birds during the transport. 

Meanwhile, city officials urge residents not to overfeed the pigeons as it helps in inflating their population.

Pigeons have exceptional navigational skills and can find their way back to their nest from over a thousand miles away. 

Their homing skills saved thousands of lives during the war when nations used flocks of them as messengers.