GLOBAL ONE NEWS — Police in India have reportedly detained at least four people — including two ten-year-old boys — allegedly linked to the “cow slaughtering” that led to violent riots on Monday, Dec. 3. 

Members of far-right Hindu groups staged protests in Bulandshahr District in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh calling out the police for allegedly failing to apprehend what they call the “cow vigilantes.”

Random killing of cows — animals considered holy by Hindus in India — is allegedly going on in the district and Hindus are angry of police’s alleged lack of response. 

Police said they were investigating the reports when “people in the area blocked the streets and started pelting the police with stones.” 

Mobs also reportedly torched a police station resulting in police retaliating using their batons.

The clashes killed a young protester while a police officer was shot in the head. 

Investigations continue.