GLOBAL ONE NEWS — The Chinese scientist who claimed he made the world’s first genetically altered babies is believed to have gone missing.

He Jiankui has not been seen since he presented his work in a conference in Hong Kong nearly two weeks ago, according to Shanghaiist.

Over the weekend, suspicions circulated suggesting He had been forced to go back to Shenzen, where he was allegedly detained while authorities investigate his work.

The university he worked at rejected these claims.

He announced he successfully altered the genes of twin baby girls to make them immune to the HIV virus.

His claims have not been independently verified or reviewed.

But while He thinks highly of his research, several scientists have come forward to criticize it.

One said, “If this is a false report, it is scientific misconduct and deeply irresponsible. If true, it is still scientific misconduct.”

Another called He’s research “monstrous.”