GLOBAL ONE NEWS — A Bangladeshi opposition leader has been declared ineligible to run for the national elections this month.

Former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia is seeking for nominations in three parliament seats.

However, her graft convictions bar her for candidacy as per Supreme Court ruling, Bangladesh Attorney General Mahbubey Alam said on Dec. 2.

Zia has been in jail since February to serve a 10-year sentence for misappropriating funds for an orphanage. She also faces dozens of more charges, including sedition and corruption.

She denies these allegations and accuses prosecutors of convicting her to keep her away from politics.

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party, which Zia heads, criticized her disqualification and called it “ill-motivated.”

Zia and Bangladesh’s current Prime Minister Sheik Hasina have shared a long-standing rivalry. The two are from political families who have alternately led Bangladesh since its independence in 1991.