Global One (G1)— Defensores de Belgrano, a soccer team in Argentina’s third division, may have found it’s new goalie — as long as the rules allow furry, four-legged animals on the team.

Yup, a dog may have been the team’s best player in a recent 3-0 loss.

Belgrano was playing against Juventud Unida when goalkeeper made a terrible mistake — he kicked the ball right at his opponent.

The Juventud player thought he had a wide open net, so he smashed the ball towards the goal.

Easy goal, right?

Not so fast.

A dog bolts out of nowhere and makes the save!

The ball bounces harmlessly away, and Belgrano was able to keep the game tied.

Unfortunately for them, the dog didn’t make any other appearances throughout the day — Belgrano lost 3-0.

No word as to whether the dog’s been offered a full-time contract.

We’ll have to wait and see.