Global One (G1)— A woman in Georgia reportedly spent over three months in prison — all because her car had congealed cotton candy.

Now Dasha Fincher is suing Monroe County and the officers who arrested her, saying her wrongful arrest has caused her to miss life events and be denied medical care.

On Dec. 31, 2016, Fincher’s boyfriend was driving the two of them when they were pulled over by police.

The Monroe Couty police found a blue substance in a bag, which Fincher said was cotton candy.

However, a field drug test said it contained methamphetamine — so Fincher and her boyfriend were arrested.

While she was in prison, Fincher says she missed her twin grandsons’ birth and her daughter’s miscarriage.

A report released on March 22,  2017, said the substance found had no drugs. However, Fincher wasn’t released until April 4, 2017.

She hopes her lawsuit will bring about changes.