GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) —Imagine being a teenager with no hair.

It’s one of the hardest things a young girl could face.

Staci Wright of Oregon was only 13 when she was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair.

Her mother Debbie says, “When her hair started to fall out, Staci became withdrawn. She lost any self-esteem that she had.”

A hair system, however, gave her back her confidence.

Now, through the Angel Hair Foundation, Staci and her mother are giving hope to others in similar situations.

Hair systems are expensive at a cost of $2,600.

But the Angel Hair Foundation, a non-profit organization in Oregon, provides the hair systems to families of all economic backgrounds at no charge.  

These custom-made hair systems come in a variety of styles, colors and lengths for girls to choose.

To help offset the cost, Angel Hair hosts a fundraiser in January called “Shall We Dance” — the local version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

You too can help by donating to Angel Hair Foundation at