GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— “Pokémon Go” fans, you might want to start strategizing your teams — Niantic has announced the long-awaited PvP feature is coming in a new update.

In a series of cryptic tweets, Niantic slowly revealed the multiplayer mode and some details behind how duels will take place in the game.

The parties will consist of only three Pokémon instead of the usual six used during Raids and Gym Battles.

Niantic also announced there will be three separate leagues— Great, Ultra and Master.

Each league has a different maximum Combat Power your Pokémon can have, so each player will have the chance to showcase their strengths.

Although Niantic did not reveal when the feature would come to the game, the developers did say it will be available soon with more details on the way.

While you wait for the new feature, you can participate in December’s new field research tasks and hunt for Gen 4 Pokémon slowly rolling out in the coming weeks.