GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — It was a gruesome discovery — a  man’s lifeless body lying riddled with bullets in a yard — while inside his burning mansion — the charred remains of his wife and two children.

Police charged  51-year-old Paul Caneiro on Nov. 29 with four counts of murder in connection to the  Nov. 20 deaths of his brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew in New Jersey.

Prosecutors say Paul Caneiro first shot his younger brother Keith Caneiro multiple times and then went inside and stabbed to death his sister-in-law Jennifer, as well as his nephew Jessie, aged 11 and niece Sophia, aged 8.

He then allegedly set fire to the mansion.

The suspect is also accused of setting his own home on fire with his family inside. Reportedly, they were unharmed.

Authorities say it was part of his plan to create the illusion the entire family had been targeted.

But prosecutors say the motive for the killings was financial and stemmed from the brothers’ joint business ventures.