GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1)— A tourist spot in Thailand has stunned people of its “beyond imagination” recovery after a six-month closure.

In a video site officials posted on Facebook Nov. 30, dozens of reef sharks can be seen swimming near the shoreline of the natural wonder of Koh Phi Phi island.

Maya Bay became popular after the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach” in the year 2000 reportedly prompted more tourists to visit the beach.

However, the once-pristine beach showed signs of degradation due to beach activities such as motorboating that gradually damaged the coral ecosystem.

This led authorities to order the shutdown of the tourist spot in June.

Meanwhile, conservationists praised the transformation of the Maya Bay as it poses a “positive sign” of recovery.

It is not disclosed, though, when the beach will reopen or if it will reopen at all, according to Daily Mail.