GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) —Talk about hanging on by a thread!

Check out this poor guy from Florida.

Chris Gursky was on his first day of vacation in Switzerland when he decided to go hang-gliding for the first time.

It doesn’t turn out quite as he plans.

Here he is dangling hundreds of feet in the air holding on for dear life.

It seems his professional instructor forgot to strap him onto the glider.

The pilot immediately tries to steer the glider toward land, but it soars higher.

Chris desperately clings to the metal bar and to the back of the pilot’s shirt.

The man actually films the flight thinking it’s gonna be a leisurely ride over rolling green meadows.

Not quite.

They finally manage to land with him suffering a broken wrist from hitting the ground at 45 miles an hour.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t blame the pilot and says he plans to give hang gliding another shot.

Brave man.