Global One (G1)— It took 12 games — but Magnus Carlsen has successfully defended his title of World Chess Champion Nov. 28.

The 27-old Norwegian — now a four-time champion — was able to hold off a feisty challenge by 26-year-old American Fabiano Caruana.

Fabiano was trying to become the first American champion since Bobby Fischer in 1972.

The two played 12 matches over three weeks — each ended in draws.

That included a controversial draw in the 12th game, where experts say Carlsen offered a draw despite being in a stronger position.

So a tie-breaker was needed — four quick games for the title.

Carlsen quickly won three games and claimed the title.

Meanwhile, the champion had some choice words for his critics saying: “They’re entitled to their stupid opinions.”

Enrico was gracious in defeat.

[Caruana]: “He’s the strongest player in the world, and he’s World Champion. It’s fitting.”