Global One (G1)— Sometimes, scientists will make headlines for discovering a new wonder drug or curing a disease.

Other times, well, it’s for eating Legos.

You heard me right. A team of pediatricians from the University of Melbourne swallowed Lego heads — all for science.

The team wanted to see if small toys can safely pass through the human body if accidentally swallowed by a young child.

After eating the pieces, the doctors then — you guessed it — checked their toilets to see when the Legos got there.

The participants reported an average of 1.7 days to pass the Legos.

However, one doctor reportedly has yet to find the piece he swallowed — two weeks later.

While it appears to be safe to swallow a Lego, the researchers did leave some warnings.

They say the study had a small sample size and the fact that adults’ digestive systems work differently than that of a child, means parents should still be vigilant.