GLOBAL ONE NEWS — A mother in India looking for a room to feed her baby has been told to “do your home chores at home.”

Abhilasha Arup DasAdhikari said she could not find a breastfeeding room in Kolkata’s South City Mall and was told to feed her baby in the bathroom. 

The mom rated the mall poorly on Facebook and shared her experience only to be even more disappointed.

The manager of the page told her in a comment to “plan” her day as her baby did not need to be breastfed “at any moment.”

The comment had since been deleted but screenshots circulating online sparked public outrage.

The mall’s management apologized for the “rude” post and said it sacked the agency behind it.

Critics have bombarded the mall’s Facebook page with one person posting, “Breastfeeding is the right of a child and a mother, and it is our duty to protect this right!”