Global One (G1)— Five different types of potentially harmful bacteria have been found aboard the International Space Station.

A recent NASA report said there is “79% probability that they may potentially cause disease.”

The NASA researchers who discovered them also fear the Enterobacter strains may be drug-resistant.

Three of the strains have reportedly caused illness in newborn babies.

However, the report also stresses none of the strains pose a threat to astronauts.

The research team says since “human immune systems are especially stressed while in space,” they will continue to monitor the bacteria.

The bacteria may even be helpful in the long term.

One of the researchers says, “Understanding how microbial life grows in a closed environment like the ISS will help us be better prepared for the health concerns that come with space travel.”

He continued, “The dream of human exploration through space won’t be possible without understanding the microbial world around us.”