GLOBAL ONE NEWS — Multi-billion dollar investments are coming to Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced Pepsi and Coca-Cola are pouring $1.4 billion in investments in Pakistan in the coming years.

Khan’s office released a statement on the matter on Nov. 28 following the prime minister’s meeting with the companies’ executives.

Khan has been working to mend an economy facing a massive account deficit. He has sought loans from China and Saudi Arabia and initiated negotiations for a bailout with the International Monetary Fund.

But the future is not bleak. Businesses are reportedly interested in Pakistan’s growing market. Half of its 208 million population are under 30.

An expert told Reuters,  “It is this youth bulge which we believe is attracting global companies in Pakistan along with the increasing affluence of the middle class.”

Pakistan’s economy hit a 5.8% growth as of June this year.