GLOBAL ONE NEWS — A male dog has died after he was reportedly gang-raped by four men in Mumbai, India. 

The hound died on Nov. 23 due to severe bleeding and infection. 

The dog, named by his rescuers as Courage, was allegedly sexually abused near a church in Malad West on Nov. 17. 

A witness who passed by the area reportedly saw the men raping Courage, but as he approached near, the suspects ran away. 

The next day, a local resident found Courage lying in his pool of blood and mutilated. The resident said he was howling in pain and wouldn’t let anyone touch him.

Courage was eventually transferred to a veterinary clinic and underwent treatment before he succumbed to his injuries. 

A group named Animals Matter to Me shared Courage’s story on Facebook sparking anger among India’s netizens.

One said, “This proved humans are indeed the worst species ever.”