GLOBAL ONE NEWS — A major English grocer has added edible bugs in its snack selection. 

Sainsbury’s started selling them in all of its 250 stores in the U.K. on Nov. 18.

Supplied by EatGrub, the 12g packet of barbecue-flavored roasted crickets is sold at £1.50 ($1.93).

Edible bugs are common delicacies in other parts of the world like Southeast Asia.

EatGrub’s founders said they are on a “mission to show the West” that edible insects have “very strong sustainability and environmental credentials” and “are also seriously tasty.”

Recent studies show edible insects have more protein than other meats and eating them help the planet fight hunger and pollution. 

The market for edible insects is projected to grow to over $520 million by 2023, and it looks like Sainsbury’s isn’t the only one betting on it.

According to the BBC, several U.K. retailers are also beginning to stock up edible bugs.