Global One News (G1) –

Definitely an unusual sight in upstate New York — an elephant on the loose!

That’s what happened after this 46-year-old elephant named Fritha decided to take a late night stroll.

She was able to take a walkabout from the Sanctuary for Animals in Westtown Sunday, Nov. 11 after an employee forgot to turn on an electric fence.

Fritha wandered off and was spotted nibbling on hay from a nearby barn.

One local reporter posted on Twitter, “You can’t make this up folks … we are headed to #Unionville for a report of an ELEPHANT (yes, you read that correctly) on the loose!

The elephant was burned by napalm during the Vietnam War and has been in the sanctuary most of her life.  

News of her disappearance caught the attention of local media, who started reporting on Fritha the missing elephant.

The sanctuary owners and authorities tracked Fritha down and she was taken home without incident.

Her belly was full, though.