GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) —Dozens died, thousands of homes were turned into burnt rubble and more than 130,000 acres were scorched.

Now, residents in Paradise, California — a city of 26,000 — say PG&E power company is responsible.

The lawsuit alleges the Camp Fire that swept through the retirement community last week, killing 56, was  “started when a high-voltage transmission line failed, igniting vegetation.”

There are reportedly 25 plaintiffs listed in the lawsuit, each described as “an owner and/or occupant of real property damaged by the Camp Fire.”

Meanwhile, the Camp Fire, which reportedly spread at a rate of 80 football fields per minute, is the deadliest in California history.

One survivor told Vice News, “I called my son and said, ‘I love you. I’m not going to make it out of this. It was just like in the movies.”

Now, those left behind want justice.