GLOBAL ONE NEWS — A soccer referee has been suspended for three weeks after he asked two captains to play rock, paper, scissors.

The English Football Federation (FA) banned David McNamara from Nov. 26 to Dec. 17 after admitting to “not acting in the best interest of the game,” according to CNN.

The incident happened on Oct. 26 during Manchester City’s home game against Reading in the Women’s Super League.

McNamara reportedly left his coin, so he asked the two captains — Manchester’s Steph Houghton and Reading’s Kirsty Pearce — to play rock, papers, scissors to decide the kick-off.

The BBC reported the Laws of the Game requires a coin toss to decide who kicks off.

Observers said McNamara could have felt pressured when he realized he didn’t have his coin during the televised match.

The Times newspaper reported the women’s refereeing manager for the FA called it a “moment of madness.”