Global One (G1)— Former Pakistan cricket star Shahid Afridi is under fire saying on Nov. 14. that Kashmir should be independent.

In a press conference in London, the all-rounder said, “Neither India nor Pakistan should be given control of Kashmir, instead Kashmir should be allowed to evolve as an independent country.”

He added, “Pakistan doesn’t want Kashmir. It can’t even manage its four provinces.”

Since the comments, Afridi has faced criticism, especially by Pakistani social media and TV.

However, Afridi has defended himself on Twitter, saying, “My comments are being misconstrued by Indian media!”

It’s not the first time the former cricketer has courted controversy over Kashmir.

In April, he said, “Appalling and worrisome situation ongoing in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.”

That statement drew rebuke from several Indian cricketers, including their captain Virat Kohli.