GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — In China, Singles’ Day means more than just being on your own.

Alibaba Executive Chairman and Co-Founder Jack Ma opened on Nov. 11 — the day for singles — the country’s record-breaking online shopping event.

Millions of hairy crabs and imported white shrimps were among the top sold items. Others were food supplements, milk products and facial masks.

Reportedly, Alibaba’s Sunday sales brought in $30.8 billion gross merchandise volume (GMV).

It surpassed last year’s $24.1 billion GMV and its billion-dollar sales from the previous years.

Forbes reported the Singles’ Day is the symbol of “unstoppable China.”

The annual shopping fest kicks off midnight of Nov.11 and offers huge discounts on various products.

It’s noted as the Asian version of America’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday but reportedly bigger than the two combined.