GLOBAL ONE NEWS (G1) — The trailer of Pokémon’s live-action adaptation has just been dropped giving us a peek into the life-like version of our favorite pocket monsters.

Warner Bros. Pictures on Nov. 12 released the official trailer of “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu.”

So far, it has nearly 25 million views on Youtube.

The trailer features the fluffy and electrifying Pikachu, played by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, talking to his human partner Tim, played by Justice Smith.

The film is set in the Pokémon universe “where the fighting monsters and humans live together in harmony.”

However, Pikachu’s new version didn’t seem to impress some fans. Other’s called the remake “disgusting” and “grotesque.”

But of course, there are also those who can’t wait for the 2019 film. One said, “This movie is about to be legendary.”

Pokémon is now a two-decade-old franchise and has had broad adaptations in catalogs and various game versions.