Global One (G1)— If a band plays to an empty room, does it still count as a concert?

Reportedly, U.S.-based “band” Threatin played a show in Europe that had sold 291 tickets — but only three people came.

Even stranger? They played the full show.

The venue’s booking manager said, “The most remarkable thing is that it didn’t seem to bother Threatin. He seemed quite happy to give it his all without an audience.”

Now, reports are emerging that Threatin is essentially a fake band.

Reportedly, people think the band paid for most or all of its 38,000 Facebook followers.

To add fuel to the fire, the Facebook page has now been deleted.

Additionally, most of the bookings have reportedly been organized by StageRight Bookings — a company with no real bands on their roster.

Most of the band’s remaining tour dates in several well-known European venues have been canceled.

A venue in Belfast poked fun on Twitter, saying, “If you purchased tickets for tonight’s Threatin show, both of you can get refunds from the point of purchase.”